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Davenport > Locations > Davenport, FL


Facility Address:

1990 Davenport Blvd Davenport, FL 33837

Phone Number:

(863) 401-4064

Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday Closed

Gate Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00am to 9:00pm

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Davenport 09-22-2021
"The ladies in the front were extremely nice and helpful. They had options to offer for me to determine how much space I need for a good price."
~Dominique Webb
Davenport 09-20-2021
"Easy online Lease application and also a great price for storage. Office staff very polite and the staff on site also gave us water to drink while we was unloading the truck. This was unexpected and I truly appreciated."
~Madelyn R
Davenport 08-22-2021
"5 stars"
~Jessica Asmis
Davenport 08-17-2021
"Very quality spaces amazing customer service they still have several u its available and they aren't fairly pricey I have my things stored here in an air-conditioned unit and it's the perfect set up highly recommend this location"
~Patrick Diaz
Davenport 08-16-2021
"Great place to store belongings safely in Davenport, Orlando."
~Leah Bechhofer
Davenport 08-15-2021
"5 stars"
~Judy Herrington
Davenport 08-06-2021
"Judy was extremely helpful with everything that I needed. If I had a question she had an answer! Very professional! Would definitely recommend to family and friends!"
~Benjamin Vetiac
Davenport 06-29-2021
"5 stars"
~Timothy Verkaden
Davenport 06-23-2021
"5 stars"
~Abdel Ortiz
Davenport 06-07-2021
"Awesome experience with Carmen. Definitely recommend to all I know."
~Sandra McIntyre
Davenport 06-01-2021
"5 stars"
~Cheryl Peloquin
Davenport 05-07-2021
"As a Realtor, I assisted my Overseas clients & suggested this storage for their personal belongings. Jim & Dustin were very helpful & Great!!! Reserved a 10 x 10 unit was clean & spacious. It worked out fantastic!! I would recommend Century Storage to everybody."
~Cindy Reyes
Davenport 05-05-2021
"5 stars"
~Teresa Armstrong
Davenport 05-04-2021
"Keeping consistent with their Great Service, I was having trouble creating an account or getting through on the phone to make a payment and was a lil frustrated. However, Judy called me back when she seen a missed call and actually walked me step by step through setting up my account. KUDOS TO JUDY"
~Ramon Santiago
Davenport 05-02-2021
"So far so good. Unit was clean & new. Process in office took just under 10 mins., simple & quick."
~Carlos P.
Davenport 04-25-2021
"5 stars"
~juan ortiz
Davenport 04-04-2021
"5 stars"
~Chris Downie
Davenport 03-29-2021
"5 stars"
~Sandy Jordan
Davenport 03-25-2021
"Absolutely wonderful experience. Friendly staff!"
~C W Jackson
Davenport 03-19-2021
"Very helpful and extremely informative. Judy is a real gem thanks for all your assistance..."
~mark back
Davenport 03-12-2021
"The gal there handles her business. I was in and out in a jiffy. Very well managed. New to Davenport and hoping that's the way things work around there"
~EMH Pulatzo
Davenport 03-04-2021
"5 stars"
~Marie Santiago
Davenport 02-23-2021
"5 stars"
~Ed Lammel
Davenport 02-22-2021
"5 stars"
~Maria Dilan
Davenport 02-18-2021
"Friendly efficient staff at Davenport location"
~Eddie B
Davenport 01-29-2021
"5 stars"
~Mackenzie Hewitt
Davenport 01-24-2021
"5 stars"
~Miriam Rivera
Davenport 01-23-2021
"Judy was more than awesome with us. Walked us through everything and made sure we understood every single detail of our contract. Very nice lady, so happy we chose Century Storage."
~Edith Marie Gutierrez Quinones
Davenport 01-19-2021
"The Facility is very new, very clean and well taken care of. Judy was very helpful and very informative through out the process. The prices were great and have specials other storages did not have! I booked a 10x20 and it’s worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this business to my friends and family! They even have a great referral program. Thank you again Judy!"
~Geovanni Portobanco
Davenport 01-14-2021
"This is a clean well protected facility. Loved that Judy was able to talk to us and help us decide what size we needed. Although we are short term we decided on climate control because of Florida's humidity. But that isn't all. They have a free cart that you can use while unloading. You may think that's not a big deal but trust me this is my 12th load. ITS A BIG DEAL!!!!"
~Brian Keller
Davenport 01-11-2021
"5 stars"
~dv174 bx
Davenport 01-04-2021
"The friendliness of the staff "judy" . The storages areas are very well maintained."
~Luis A. Rodríguez
Davenport 12-25-2020
"I worked with Judy to rent a unit. She did not try to "upsell" me, which I appreciate. The process was quick & easy and the facility is very clean and seems secure."
~Jackie Cunningham
Davenport 12-21-2020
"This is a fantastic storage facility. Check in process was smooth and very easy. Judy was a very pleasant person to work with, and very much a "people" person. Units are new and clean, and facility is very well kept. I would highly recommend Century Storage to anybody looking to store your personal possessions."
~Byron Wilkerson
Davenport 12-19-2020
"Judy was very professional and helpful, units are clean with easy access."
~Garland Bills
Davenport 11-21-2020
"Muy buena Atención, storage amplios, muy responsables. Lo recomiendo 100% y la señora que atiende te explica todo muy bien y súper preocupada por complacerte!"
~Katia Tirado
Davenport 11-21-2020
"I went on September and Rent an unit that was clean, enough space and perfect deal to fit our needs! Thank you Carmen for been professional, kind and patient with us explaining each detail about the services. We are happy with the service provided and this facility is highly recommended!!! "
~myriam fort
Davenport 11-09-2020
"5 stars"
Davenport 11-03-2020
"5 stars"
~Iris Hernandez
Davenport 10-24-2020
"5 stars"
~Joseph Kalamar
Davenport 10-06-2020
"Well staffed with knowledgeable nice employees. Extremely clean. Quick rental procedure!"
Davenport 09-25-2020
"Great customer service by Michelle!!! Didn’t leave.....moved to bigger locker."
~Tony J Keyeck
Davenport 09-21-2020
"5 stars"
~Billy Chavarria
Davenport 09-19-2020
"Very friendly and professional staff"
~Alberto Ortiz
Davenport 09-16-2020
"Carmen delivered an excellent customer service by immediately showing around and clarifying all the questions my wife and I had. Thanks"
~Alexander Kasse
Davenport 09-11-2020
"Great customer service !"
~Abner Calderon
Davenport 09-09-2020
"5 stars"
~Jason Munoz
Davenport 08-16-2020
"Just an incredible level of customer service. The facility and units are clean and very accessible; the staff is truly AMAZING! Through the years I have used various storage facilities and this is by far THE BEST!"
~Jeff C
Davenport 08-06-2020
"5 stars"
Davenport 07-17-2020
"Excellent Place"
~C BottomLine
Davenport 07-12-2020
"5 stars"
~Jenny Smith
Davenport 07-11-2020
"5 stars"
~Emilio Mendoza
Davenport 07-08-2020
"Renting a unit was a breeze. Agent was friendly and professional and offered advise on our concerns about moving. Highly recommend this business."
~Holly Stover
Davenport 07-02-2020
"Very curious and accommodating Michelle was. Nice facility, and a I got a great deal as well. Very pleased and highly recommended."
~Robert Armstrong
Davenport 07-02-2020
"Excelente customer service"
~emilio mendoza
Davenport 06-08-2020
"Variety of offers in space and good service"
~Paul Ayora
Davenport 06-05-2020
"5 stars"
~Carlos Hernandez
Davenport 06-04-2020
"5 stars"
~Marielys Cirilo
Davenport 05-29-2020
"I'm very pleased with the service I received frothm michelle causey. She was very professional and knowledgable, thanks."
~Eli Espinosa
Davenport 05-24-2020
"5 stars"
~Jose Cepeda
Davenport 05-17-2020
"I was seen by Michele who was very professional and understanding. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the place. She really made me feel like a person and she was very friendly. Recieved my room and information in a timely manner and she showed me around and how to get to my storage etc. I was very pleased. Score of a 10!"
~Jenny L.
Davenport 05-14-2020
"Michelle is an awesome Manager for you at the 547 location! She knows the property, is most helpful, kind 'n a real asset to your company!"
~Darlene U.
Davenport 05-13-2020
"Excellent customer service."
~Maria H.
Davenport 05-01-2020
"Michell was very sweet"
~Joshua G.
Davenport 04-19-2020
"We have been using this storage unit for over 5 years and Dustin the owner and staff are the most wonderful people to deal with. The units are clean and well maintained. The hours are reasonable with extensions if necessary when approved by Dustin. We have never had anything to complain about even with the bad weather. Never had water damage. The units are climate controlled. Have had things stored that were priceless and never damaged.If a unit isnt available they will put you on a wait list and definately worth the wait. Have sent numerous people there including family. Outstanding and deserves more than 5 stars ..... recommend them highly. Donna/Don"
~Daisy McDermott
Davenport 04-18-2020
"5 stars"
~gabriela colon
Davenport 03-26-2020
"Great Service, very clean, and they have everything you need from boxes down to packing peanuts."
~Kalimeneschia Quinones Albizu
Davenport 03-18-2020
"Friendly staff. Clean and well managed."
~Bill Suter
Davenport 03-08-2020
""Michelle was amazing!! Great customer service""
~Jimmy Casiano
Davenport 03-04-2020
"Friendly staff with great customer service! Great location and clean units. Definitely recommend this facility!"
~Dow & Dow
Davenport 02-23-2020
"The ladys where very help .very knowledgeable on all unite there"
~Laura Jolliffe
Davenport 02-21-2020
"Great staff that made getting a unit very fast and easy. I recommend reserving a unit before going to the location. It will save time if you decide to rent the unit."
~James Morton
Davenport 02-19-2020
"5 stars"
~limary maldonado
Davenport 02-18-2020
"Michelle was amazing!! Totally recommending to my friends."
Davenport 02-10-2020
"Michelle did a good job it was perfect."
~Joshua Soto
Davenport 02-04-2020
"Great people!"
~Andrese Hunte
Davenport 01-27-2020
"Excellent facility good service"
~Jose a rivera
Davenport 01-09-2020
"Great experience! Very convenient."
~Charles Evans
Davenport 01-06-2020
"5 stars"
~Gilissa Ivette Gracia Cintron
Davenport 01-03-2020
"Michelle did a great job."
~Walter Kerber
Davenport 01-01-2020
"The best team!!! Amazing!!!"
~Michelle Cruz
Davenport 12-26-2019
"They are extremely helpful and very efficient. They answered all my questions and worked very fast to help me get a storage unit."
~Christine hendell
Davenport 12-23-2019
"Asum rental the best service i ever received."
~Dene Thompson
Davenport 12-18-2019
"Michelle was great service."
Davenport 12-17-2019
"Michelle was the best!"
~Nelson Matos
Davenport 12-17-2019
"Friendly people"
~Eve Maldonado
Davenport 12-16-2019
"Michelle was very friendly and very polite and also professional. This facility is very clean i would recommend this to anyone who is looking. If i could give ten stars i would. Thank you so much Michelle for the easy process."
~Rob Edward
Davenport 12-07-2019
"5 stars"
~Matthew Sparks
Davenport 12-05-2019
"Great location. Michelle (the manager) is extremely nice and friendly."
~Brooke Casity
Davenport 12-04-2019
"Michelle is the best!"
Davenport 11-27-2019
"Signed up today. Michelle was great."
~Jack Lewis
Davenport 11-25-2019
"Signed up for a unit today. Michelle was wonderful to work with."
Davenport 11-25-2019
"Met two of your office staff. Michelle and Lisa. They couldn’t have been nicer. Made it all about me and what I wanted. I like the Fact that your unit walls are to the ceiling on all sides. It’s what made the decision easy to relocate from my current facility."
Davenport 11-25-2019
"5 stars"
~Kevin Smith
Davenport 11-24-2019
"5 stars"
~Robin Raphael Rivera Pomales
Davenport 11-17-2019
"Was very pleased with the staff and it was very quick"
~Charles Swartz
Davenport 11-13-2019
"Excellent customer service, I will recommend you guys to my friends. Thank you for your help."
~Erick Santiago
Davenport 11-12-2019
"Loved the experience. So helpful, pleasant and happy to accommodate."
~Wanda H.
Davenport 11-05-2019
"5 stars"
Davenport 11-04-2019
"Great customer service"
~Kennedy D.
Davenport 11-01-2019
"Great service, knowledgeable, kind, professional. Thank you"
~Paulo D.
Davenport 10-31-2019
"Michelle was wonderful"
~Hal B.
Davenport 10-30-2019
"Loved the experience. From requesting a call for pricing info, to reserving, and then purchasing. Michelle is an amazing location manager."
~Rafael R.
Davenport 10-28-2019
"Excellent customer service"
~Damaris Burgos A.
Davenport 04-23-2019
"As of today's date the 22nd of April the storage units are still under construction but they are going to be from what I know from the Builder excellent place to do business."
~Scott Burdette


Century Storage’s newest Polk County location is now open! Century Storage – Davenport is located on Davenport Blvd (CR 547) ¼ mile from US 27, just down the road from 7-11 and the new Racetrac. The property offers close to 600 units varying in size and climate controlled options and is packed with all the features you would expect in a brand new facility including: State-of-the-art security with controlled gate access, a video recorded security camera system, fencing with barbed wire surrounding the entire property and LED lighting throughout all drive aisles and interior hallways.

Our newest Davenport self storage location also offers fully enclosed RV and boat storage units! These extra large units are 15’ wide and 45’ deep, with 14’ tall lockable doors. They are perfect for Class A motor coaches, travel trailers and large boats. Keep your expensive toys away from damaging elements with sun, wind, and rain protection and enjoy ultimate peace of mind. Each unit has bright LED lighting inside with a 30 amp receptacle so you can keep your batteries fully charged.

We are proud to be a part of the growth of the city of Davenport and are excited about the great location! It also makes us convenient to Haines City and subdivisions in the area such as Ridgewood Lakes, Highland Meadows, Providence and many others. At Century Storage we take pride in our clean, secure facilities, but more importantly in the service we provide to our customers. Come by our Davenport facility and see why our motto is “The space you need…the service you deserve.”