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Facility Address:

6350 US Hwy 98 N Lakeland, FL 33809

Phone Number:

(863) 225-0176

Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm Sunday Closed

Gate Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00am to 9:00pm

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No units available at this given criteria.


Sandpiper (863) 225-0170 5990 Walt Loop Rd
Lakeland, FL 33809
Lakeland Boat & RV (863) 858-2650 5915 Walt Loop Rd.
Lakeland, FL 33809
Sleepy Hill (863) 225-0029 2350 Sleepy Hill Rd
Lakeland, FL 33810
Christina (863) 225-0179 455 Commerce Dr
Lakeland, FL 33813
Lake Dexter (863) 225-0180 3220 Cypress Gardens Rd
Winter Haven, FL 33884
Ridgeview (863) 225-0177 45731 US Hwy 27
Davenport, FL 33897
Davenport Boat & RV (863) 420-1811 45731 US Hwy 27
Davenport, FL 33897


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Gibsonia 04-30-2018
"I was Very please with the customer service!! I was in and out. Very clean and Excellent Facility! I will definitely recommend! :)"
Gibsonia 02-03-2018
"Jeff was amazing! I walked in, he showed me exaclty what I wanted and I filled out the paperwork and had a unit within about 20-30mins! The place is next to a shopping plaza so its well lit at night and the facility is pretty clean overall! Glad I found this place first!"
~T Wood
Gibsonia 01-24-2018
"Excellent Facility. Outstanding Facility Manager Jeff Oakenfull not only helped with finding the proper unit but gave other helpful advice regarding our move. I would recommend this Facility to all."
~Ed Beffa
Gibsonia 01-17-2018
"Muy bien."
~Elvodo Alvarez
Gibsonia 01-08-2018
"Very efficient check in. Very clean facility. I will recommend to others."
Gibsonia 01-05-2018
"We needed a large storage unit and fast for our busy rent to own furniture store here in North Lakeland. Jeff reached out & recognized our needs, and quickly provided us an optimal solution."
~Brian Torbert. Manager at Buddy's Home Furnishings. N. Lakeland
Gibsonia 12-29-2017
"Nice Clean facility. Easy access to units. A simple straightforward move in process with no nasty hidden costs or requirements. Buying boxes prior to the move helped a lot with getting organized."
~Pat. B. C-256
Gibsonia 12-09-2017
"This facility is very clean and the customer service is always professional. They all go out of their way to help you whenever you need help with anything."
~Larry Stephan
Gibsonia 12-06-2017
"Unit is very clean and close by . Managers were very helpful."
~Mary rasmussen
Gibsonia 11-30-2017
"The rate are very reasonable, clean and personnel are very kind."
~Luther Hancock
Gibsonia 11-21-2017
"They were very kind when i was there doing the tour."
~Hollyann Martin
Gibsonia 11-15-2017
"Very good service clean facility."
~James Mavrikos
Gibsonia 11-13-2017
"Decent prices. Very friendly as well!"
~Lisa Rhodes
Gibsonia 08-30-2017
"Thank-you to the staff for being thorough when I came by to secure a unit. The grounds are clean and easy to access!!!"
Gibsonia 08-03-2017
"The staff here is very friendly and helpful. I had to secure the unit over the phone and they made it simple and easy. I highly recommend this facility"
~Samantha D
Gibsonia 07-19-2017
"The staff was very helpful and the site is very clean"
~Richard Dawes
Gibsonia 03-30-2017
"was quick and easy, area is clean and maintained. online pay is easy as well. have recommended you to friends."
~kelly davis
Gibsonia 12-28-2016
"Hello, Randy here. My Wife Donna and I moved down from Massachusetts a couple of months ago. You have no idea the logistical nightmare when you have a TON of homegoods and have to rely on others to keep their end of the deal. That said, I would like to give Dustin Nicely and Century Storage of Lakeland an absolute 5 STAR rating. As I was looking for a storage unit near my home in Florida, I called Century Storage from Massachusetts to get a quote on a unit. I first talked to a lady by the name of Judy. She was very nice and helped me with a quote. After careful consideration I was able to decide on a unit. The price was fair and the property looked very safe. I was pleased (looking at the pics online) that the access off of HWY 98 was very easy to navigate as I was driving a 26ft truck pulling a 16ft trailer with a car on it. PLENTY OF ROOM. So as time grew nearer to leave Massachusetts, I wanted to make sure the storage was good to go. Before I had a chance to call Century Storage, Century Storage called ME!!! Lol, yes Dustin called me just to check in with me as he knew that I was really uptight about the move. Now THAT is very nice customer service even though I was not really a customer just yet. Dustin made sure the I was happy with the unit availability, the size and layout of the unit. Dustin walked me through every possible issue that he could think of before I even left Massachusetts. WOW I loved that. I have to say that in the first couple of minutes of our conversation, he covered everything that I may have issues with. Dustin made absolutely sure that I was good to go and not worried about where I would put our things. When we arrived in Lakeland, meeting Dustin was the icing on the cake. He is such a nice man and very patient with me. As I have had the unit now for a couple of months, I have found him to be the same man that I met before. Always smiling, polite, professional and very eager to assist my Wife and I in any way he can. I really thought that old fashion customer service was out the window in the 70's and 80's. But it's not. You can find it right here at Century Storage 6350 US Hwy 98 N Lakeland, FL 33809 !!!!! 5 STARS Dustin for a job well done, and thank you SO much for allowing me and my Wife to feel great about renting from you. Randy and Donna"
~Randy Driggers
Gibsonia 11-15-2016
"Easy process, great location."
Gibsonia 10-13-2016
"For starters, I'd called and stopped by several other storage facilities before contacting this one, despite it is literally 5 minutes from my home! They were ALL more expensive than this one, so yes, I wasted time and gas with the other ones. When I arrived, Dustin was so awesome! He was kind, courteous, professional, but down to earth! He even gave me a courtesy call to remind me that I'd forgot to put a lock on the unit and offered to go by and put one on for me, just come in and pay for it when I got a chance and pick up my keys!!! STRONGLY RECOMMENDING THIS PLACE!"
Gibsonia 09-06-2016
"Office personel was very helpful. Facility is very clean well lit safe and secure"
~Trina Williams
Gibsonia 07-30-2016
"Very clean facility. Very helpful & explained the process. Justine helped me tremendously."
~kelli Martin
Gibsonia 07-13-2016
"Highly recommended. Clean buildings and friendly staff."
~Julia Z
Gibsonia 06-13-2016
"First time storing. Judy was very friendly and the process went quick. Very clean facility. Impressed so far."
Gibsonia 05-19-2016
"Great facility. My experience was very good from the time I arrived til the time I finished putting my things in storage."
~Bob Nestor
Gibsonia 05-17-2016
"Customer service is top-notch! The Manager, David was very kind in helping me reserve my unit as well as very informative. Prices are competitive with other storages around. Building was clean, free from debris and found no signs of bugs or odor. I'm very pleased."
~J Davidson
Gibsonia 05-13-2016
"We've been customers for the last several years and have had nothing but good experiences. The staff is always courteous and the units are clean. Highly recommend them!"
~Roxanne Helm
Gibsonia 03-28-2016
"I needed somewhere to keep my things out of the way of the rest of the family. The Gibsonia location came highly recommended by a previous tenant. Once I met Dustin Nicely and viewed the facility I knew my choice was correct. Started moving in the same afternoon."
Gibsonia 03-28-2016
"Great staff, was main reason for choosing Century and location. Very clean and neat."
~John mullinax
Gibsonia 03-07-2016
"Excellent location, good experience when signed up to rent a unit"
~Stephen Brady
Gibsonia 01-20-2016
"Very nice unit and Dustin was professional and very helpful."
~Barb Saldenais
Gibsonia 01-04-2016
"Everyone was real nice. Very clean and good price. Couldn't be happier."
Gibsonia 01-04-2016
"Thank you"
~Daryl Courson
Gibsonia 11-12-2015
"My wife and I moved to Florida from West Virginia we had a free month with u haul and after finding that there units were not air controlled we talked it over and we made a decision to move our belongings to a air controlled unit. I went to see and talk to Dustin he was very understanding and helpful. He went out of his way to get me the unit that we needed. Dustin also talked to me about the referral plan and I told him I would like that and we did we told two people and they went to see Dustin he rented two more units. Dustin is the man. We are working on our house and hopefully we will be moved in in about a month. Thank you Dustin."
~Daniel Borgmeyer
Gibsonia 11-02-2015
"Kevin was one of the best at Customer Service I have dealt with in a long time. Helpful and I was able to be myself and joke with him and we had a great time signing me up. WIll highly recommend this storage to friends and neighbors."
~Fred F.
Gibsonia 10-16-2015
"Very helpful staff. She brought us a flat bed cart and water while we were unloading. She answered all of my questions completely. This location is one of the nicest storage facilities Ive ever visited. it is extremely clean and secure."
Gibsonia 08-27-2015
"We have always used Century Storage for our storage needs. The office staff at Gibsonia were very friendly and helpful in our time of need !"
Gibsonia 08-08-2015
"Was very friendly and helpful when I went to get the storage for my daughter. Very clean and well kept. Love coming here with a friendly staff."
~Lynn Jason
Gibsonia 07-30-2015
"Received very courteous and informative service. When I had a question I received a very prompt and friendly reply. Facility is very clean and well maintained."
Gibsonia 06-06-2015
"The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Very satisfied with the service. I like how clean and secure the storage area is."
Gibsonia 05-04-2015
"Out driving I saw a clean Century Storage facility. They did not have availability at that site but referred me to another Century facility that was even closer to me. The staff was extremely helpful in finding me a unit that would handle storage of my new boat. I would recommend this location without a doubt."
~Dan D
Gibsonia 03-01-2015
"Great deal for the size I needed. The staff was very friendly. Security is great. I feel my belongings will be safe while in storage."
~Charles Cox
Gibsonia 12-05-2014
"Clean, well-kept facility. Friendly staff. Great deal."
~Terrence M.
Gibsonia 09-12-2014
"The staff at Century Storage-Gibsonia is friendly and helpful. This is a well-maintained, secure place to store your belongings at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this business to my family and friends."
~Braxton Bone
Gibsonia 05-30-2013
"I am writing this review / Thank you note to the Facility Manager of this location (Ms. Cree Reeves) referred me to another location in the area since she did not have the exact unit that I was looking for. I ended up renting from the other location - and without her sending me over to them i most likely would have gone somewhere else. The other Century location set me up with a great unit and a great price too! Thanks again Cree for your help today!"
Gibsonia 08-23-2012
"Quiet serene location and so kind employees. I will stay due to the courteousness I receive every time I call or come in."
~Anonymous P.
Gibsonia 05-22-2012
"Manager was so friendly I had to pinch myself because I didn't think customer service existed anymore. PLeasant pleasant experience. Great, best price I received from anywhere."
Gibsonia 04-09-2012
"Had the perfect drive up unit I needed to store my lawn equipment for my business. I was even granted (for free) 24 hr access to be able to get in at anytime if I had a pressing early start. Great for me!!!!"
Gibsonia 04-01-2012
"Well kept well lit beautiful office and kind office staff who answered my issues surrounding my mid life crisis!! Thank you so much Century."
Gibsonia 02-01-2012
"Elisa I believe her name is, in office, handled our every concern and made us feel right at home. Picked us the perfect size to where we have room to manuever around if we need to get to things (my clubs) or her things that I stay clear of. Great place."


If you live in Lakeland, Florida, you’ll love Century Storage’s Gibsonia location. We are right on US 98 just north of the Daughtery Road Walmart. Have you been to the McDonald’s on 98? We’re right next to it! We’re happy to be located in the heart of your daily activities so that self storage is never a hassle.

There are a number of other steps we take to ensure a pleasant experience for you. For instance, we take care to hire knowledgeable and helpful individuals. Our staff members are always ready to help you out in any way possible, all while making you feel right at home.

Speaking of home, have you been feeling like yours is too cramped lately? Call us or visit our facility to see our abundance of storage units and let one of our managers find the right size to store your belongings. You’ll increase your room at home in no time!