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Sandpiper • North Lakeland

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Facility Address:

5990 Walt Loop Rd Lakeland, FL 33809

Phone Number:

(863) 225-0170

Office Hours:

Monday - Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Sunday Closed

Gate Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00am to 9:00pm

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Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-18-2023
"Clean and smells good. Kari was super nice and helpful. Have a nice day!"
~Tommy Ross
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-29-2023
"Great customer service. Very clean facilities. Would highly recommend."
~Maryellen Coleman
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-14-2023
"The staff are great, they explain everything and answer any questions you may have. I’ve been keeping my things there for several years and have never had any problems with anything"
~Bill Dansby
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-23-2023
"We've been using the storage facility for a year now and they are wonderful to deal with! Sarah Was very helpful today when I visited and even gave me a cold bottle of water to take on my way out! Customer service 10 out of 10."
~Tuesday Mixon
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-17-2023
"My company uses Century Storage/Sandpiper and we’ve had a great experience. The staff is wonderful, especially Kari. We appreciate how easy they are to work with."
~Lisa M. Gifford
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-04-2023
"I can't begin to express how grateful I am to have Carrie helping me with my storage needs. Carrie, you're AWESOME!!!!"
~Marilyn Trautman
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-23-2023
"Great staff, close to everything and nice facilities. The process was quick, easy and simple. I'm glad that I can reserve my unit online. Thank you Century Storage."
~Edgar Flores
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-09-2023
"The people here are simply amazing! They work with you and it’s affordable! No hidden fees flat rate and great customer service!"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-13-2023
"Stopped in to purchase moving needs and Kari was so helpful!"
~Caleb Scoville
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-09-2023
"5 stars"
~David White
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-01-2023
"Awesome location very professional and go out of there way to help"
~Naomia S.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-16-2023
"5 stars"
~K T
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-18-2023
"Kathy was very helpful and very nice. She was able to show me what it looks like before purchase and gave the the information that I need to know"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-18-2023
"Kathy was lovely! Super helpful and quick with the whole process!"
~Joel A. Mendez
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-11-2023
"Kathy was very helpful and friendly."
~Lisa Tagen
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-06-2023
"Nice persons and easy to rent"
~Santiago Sanchez
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-03-2023
"Katy and Chloe they so cool ..."
~HP General Remodeling & Electrical
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-01-2023
"5 stars"
~Chuck McClellan
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-09-2023
"Quick and prompt service. Great smiles."
~Daniel Delgado
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-04-2023
"Chloe and Kathy were amazing, friendly and so helpful! Looking forward to using this storage facility. Prices and specials cannot be best. Clean units."
~Judith dawson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-19-2022
"5 stars"
~Nelly P Santiago
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-29-2022
"5 stars"
~levi hinton
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-28-2022
"Awesome staff! Very helpful and friendly. Kathy was a pleasure to work with!!"
~Shannon Harrington
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-28-2022
"Great service. Very efficient and friendly!!!"
~Shannon Harrington
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-15-2022
"Great rates and great service."
~Jeremy mixon
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-15-2022
"Very good, very helpful"
~Patricia Milling
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-04-2022
"Awesome service and professionalism!!!"
~Gail Blaeser
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-03-2022
"Great service, property is very well maintained and secure."
~Albert Johnson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-02-2022
"Met with Amber, who is the manager there. She is simply great. Very positive, very helpful, great attitude. I am about to move in, so I do not have much input on the unit as of yet, but I do not see with this kind of manager we would have any issues at all."
~S K
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-31-2022
"Very professional and nice, clean environment and offers free coffee. Thank you amber !"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-31-2022
"Just moved out after 3 years and have never had any issues at all. 20x15 unit. Everything is always clean, leaves blown, gate always operational, and customer service (I've only had to use moving in and out) has always been exceptional. I hope I won't need to; but I'd rent here again. A+"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-31-2022
"Century storage did everything I need them do do whoever I asked them. I wasn’t using long term storage and was in and out often. They always went above and beyond to ensure that my fluid situation was always taken care of."
~AAA Claim Inspections
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-22-2022
"Amber was very helpful! It is always a breeze to go through things when I come here! Definitely recommend"
~Greta Bailey
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-21-2022
"I have been using this storage for a few years now..when I move here from out of state.. They were extremely helpful and has continued to be help.. I just had to call them to ask a couple of questions ..because I need to move to a bigger unit temporary.. just spoke with Kat .. she was so helpful and caring along .. Amber has been vey helpful in the past.. If you are looking for a storage unit this is the place to go.."
~Suzette Heydt
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-20-2022
"Use them for over than a year. Got behind a few times. They worked with me to get caught up. This will be the only storage place I will use for now on"
~Gary Giddens
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-14-2022
"Kat and the team are fast, friendly, and always willing to help. Excellent customer service!"
~Stephen Holland
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-07-2022
"Kat was very helpful and quite pleasant. Thank you very much!"
~Bill Erow
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-14-2022
"Century Storage has a true gem! The manager Amber Meyer is one of the most amazing, genuine, caring, helpful people that I have ever come across in management! She does an amazing job with keeping the Storage facility clean, safe, and well run! She is super personable and goes above and beyond. Great job Amber!!! You are awesome!"
~Kimberly Arena
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-01-2022
"Amber the manager here is amazing . Exactly what the world needs more of today. She is on top of it, follows up appropriately and gets things accomplished super appreciate her amazing managerial style."
~Alan Podvin
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-28-2022
"Very nice storage facility, a little pricey but well located."
~Chris Dawson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-11-2022
"The registration process was painless and quick and the manager and her assistant were extremely helpful. I am a return customer and this type of service is why I came back to Century Storage for my storage needs."
~Ransom Simmons
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-04-2022
~Gary C.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-29-2022
"5 stars"
~joe quigley
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-28-2021
"Amber Meyer is a dedicated professional: able, efficient, and personable. She makes complicated procedures easy to navigate, and she is unfailingly cheerful."
~D Pharr
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-12-2021
"The office is great to work with. Highly recommend Century Storage ."
~Tim Vonderfecht
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-29-2021
"Was a great location for me, but most of all the professionalism was top notch. If you are looking for a storage in that area, and I believe they have other areas also, I highly recommend! Thanks CS"
~Rick Palazzolo
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-25-2021
"Very happy with Century Storage Sandpiper location. We rented a unit many years ago and came back to them when we had a need again. Friendly, helpful staff,clean units, what else could you want?"
~donna douglas
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-16-2021
"Very clean, and secure, plus plenty of options to suit your needs. The staff is very courteous and helpful. My friend and I had the pleasure of encountering Amber Sandpiper who you can tell takes pride in her work and serving others. When we asked to use the restroom, she smiled and helped us inside, gave us a few cold waters each, and encouraged us to hang out in the cold AC for a few minutes. Thanks Amber!!"
~Justin Abston
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-04-2021
"Great service and very friendly people what else do you need will be coming back anytime I need storage. Thank you."
~John Ortiz
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-12-2021
"5 stars"
~aaron quick
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-24-2021
"I'm very happy with Century Storage. I've been a customer for a while. They always been very attentive to my needs. Sidney is just great! Friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend."
~Joe Ferrari
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-22-2021
"The office staff are very friendly and helpful. They help make the transition to a larger unit quickly and the units are well maintained."
~Cathy Lamb
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-26-2021
"Very efficient, friendly and helpful!!"
~Jackie Loeper
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-17-2020
"The staff and storage areas are excellent."
~Gay Hollon
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-28-2020
"The young lady attendant was very helpful and informative."
~B Whipple
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-16-2020
"5 stars"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-23-2020
"The service is super great service and the level of professionalism is incredible. The facility is immaculate and it looks amazing. Recommend it 100%"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-20-2020
"5 stars"
~Gary Grooms
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-27-2020
"Employees are very efficient and friendly!"
~Tim Corbiere
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-25-2020
"Great response in emails and recipe's"
~Mary Reinhart
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-17-2020
"5 stars"
~Sharon O'Brian
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-08-2020
"Great Customer Service, even in this pandemic!"
~Danielle M O.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-24-2020
"The customer service is excellent and management was extremely accommodating, made everything simple and easy, making thorough effort to assure my satisfaction better than the other places around."
~Josiah Oquendo
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-23-2020
"5 stars"
~Sassy Black
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-23-2020
"Wonderful staff. Friendly and professional. Needed climate controlled unit and very pleased with space, location and easy access. Highly recommend this location for ALL your storage needs."
~David Frack
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-23-2020
"5 stars"
~Siul Rod81
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-22-2019
"Anthony was very professional and professional, he properly excused himself, apologized when he returned. Able to provide service and discounts. Highly recommend this company and location."
~Tiffany Bell
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-24-2019
"Needed a storage unit for our business. Went in and met with Anthony. He showed me around the facility. And explained the pricing and insurance for the unit I picked. Very pleased with the customer service & positive attitude Anthony provided."
~Julia Valle
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-14-2019
"EXCELLENT! I was in a rush for a air controlled unit and they helped me fill out the forms and get the until quickly. It was very much appreciated her kindness and understanding with us coming in on a Saturday morn."
~Adele Becker
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-02-2019
"5 stars"
~Slippery Whenwett
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-30-2019
"Great customer service. Brittany showed the clean unit and made registration easy."
~Priscilla Oraschin
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-30-2019
"Very good service great spaces easy access fair price"
~Liliana Messina
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-08-2019
"They are professional and friendly .. the young lady took us to a few storage units until we found that one we needed.. thank you lady's.."
~Carmen Arz
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-26-2019
"5 stars"
~Lefty Thor
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-14-2019
"5 stars"
~Ruth Merhar
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-27-2019
"5 stars"
~Julie Rogers
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-15-2019
"Very clean and respectful"
~Nancy Holley
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-15-2019
"5 stars"
~Vincent Martinez
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-12-2019
"Easy process and Brittney was very helpful"
~Tru Lyfe
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-04-2019
"5 stars"
~Joyce Rich
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-05-2019
"5 stars"
~Sandra Holley
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-30-2019
"5 stars"
~Linda Barden
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-30-2019
"Professional assistance from the employee"
~Americo Vargas
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-17-2018
"Very easy check in process and the Management was friendly and more than helpful. Great price for a clean well secured unit. I'd recommend this facility to anybody."
~Roy L. Amos
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-03-2018
"Prices could be better"
~Krissy Brinn
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-13-2018
"Very helpful staff. He even stayed late to register me in. Very clean and easy access to units. A/C units are also available there."
~Barbara Talbott
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-06-2018
"Check in was fast, contract explained, just a great place to store my belongings. Dennis is pleasant, courteous, and very friendly."
~dawg plew
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-16-2018
"Love their cleanliness"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-26-2018
"5 stars"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-30-2018
"5 stars"
~Barb Clark
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-29-2018
"Century Storage personnel was very helpful and accommodating."
~Unit J321
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-09-2018
"Real good"
~Elliot Montalvo
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-27-2018
"Good prices"
~michael stephens
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-18-2018
"Safe friendly and well priced"
~Thomas Whray
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-20-2018
"Unit # H246 Self Storage personnel was very professional & helpful. Took the time to answer all questions and show the storage units available. Explained all terms, conditions and cost per units. I would highly recommend to everyone."
~Mike Johnson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-19-2018
"Great experience! In and setup in minutes!"
~B. Anderson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-10-2018
"Dennis was very helpful and informative while assisting me with renting a unit. He even went so far as to sweep out the unit before I returned with my first load. GREAT Customer Service."
~Kim Neuman
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-09-2017
"This is my second time renting a unit from Sandpiper location, the customer service which was Judy was outstanding, very friendly, informative and took the time to show me around to see 2 different size units, the paper work was quick and painless, I would definitely recommend renting from this location. Thanks Judy"
~Jocelyn Martin
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-10-2017
"I am pleased to write a review of my experience with Century Storage Walt Loop Road, Lakeland. My case has been unusual and long-term. The staff could not be more accommodating. Truly, You've been a grrreat bunch, and I am on the backside of needing to continue. Moving north. I began with renting two to three large units ten months ago, folks, AND continue, to this day.I cannot thank them enough for accommodations made for me, over time. Look forward to the wind-down, now. Moving. But there isn't a price on 'security, safety, and professionalism given to 'all units, here'. Not just mine. "Thanks, guys!" Mary Lee Wilkinson"
~Mary Lee Wilkinson
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-13-2017
"Very great service and seems very secure at least so far. 2 months so far"
~Lisa Loneman
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-16-2017
"GREAT customer service; the manager at Sandpiper is friendly and great to work with."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-22-2017
"5 stars"
~Belen E Jimenez
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-26-2017
"5 stars"
~Michael Herrera
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-17-2017
"Great customer service, the staff is very helpful and friendly! Always willing to help with a smile on theIraq faces! I would highly recommend Century Storage -Sandpiper to all my friends and family!"
~Amy Walden
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-17-2017
"Great staff, always ready to help out and very friendly! I would highly recommend Century Storage - Sandpiper location to anyone needing to store anything!"
~Amy Walden
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-14-2016
"Very professional and helpful staff. Highly recommended."
~Paul Z
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-12-2016
"5 stars"
~Eric Albert
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 10-06-2016
"Super helpful, worked with me on moving dates and reservations."
~Jacob DiCicco
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-24-2016
"this is our second time here, storing items for grown children. We love the staff, location is perfect and it is always so clean !.. I suspect this won't be our last time!"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-23-2016
"Very clean facility and very nice and helpful staff. Morgan w"
~Morgan williams
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-13-2016
"Just signed up, but everything has been great so far! We moved our stuff in on what seemed like the hottest day of the year, and the gentlemen in the office brought us cold was such a nice, unexpected gesture! They definitely treat everyone great! So glad we chose this location."
~Christel King
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-05-2016
"This is my second time renting from the Sandpiper location. And just like the first time, the grounds and the units were very clean and well maintained. Dave in the front office was very helpful and just an all around great guy to work with!"
~Frank Townsend
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 08-01-2016
"Okay, Dave who works in the office is just an all-around great guy. Very helpful. He was very patient with me as I worked to figure out the needed unit for my storage needs. He also called to check-up on me. And he even brought out an umbrella when we were unloading our items in the rain! I highly recommend Century Storage."
~Scott R.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-18-2016
"We had a fantastic experience. The customer service was great and moving in was quick and easy. Facility is spotless. Thanks!"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-08-2016
"I had such a wonderful experience working with David. He made our move so pleasant and I couldn't have asked for better customer service."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-16-2016
"The facility was clean and well kept. Office very professional compared to others I checked into. Explained everything to us and took us on a tour. The unit was very clean and ready to go. Everything was perfect. Also love the security."
~Mary S.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-12-2016
"Upon entering the office a gentleman was there to greet us and offer refreshments. We then jumped on a golf cart and he preceded to show us around the facility to show the difference in the units available. Clean, friendly, convenient, and not overpriced= a happy customer."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-30-2016
"Extremely clean facility. Prices are competitive. Management is very friendly and helpful. Excellent location with easy access. Very please with my experience and will recommend to anyone who is looking for storage."
~Dee B
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-28-2016
"Very pleasant totalk to and very helpful nice location very clean"
~Carolyn Bragg
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-30-2016
"I went there to rent one of their units and the person there was very helpful. He showed me the different sizes of units to help me decide which size I would need to store my belongings into. He was very helpful. I would reccomend this place to anyone"
~Rachel mercer I292
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-25-2016
"The rental process was very easy! I was pressed for time while on my lunch break but wanted to lock down my rental so I could move things in later that evening. The on-site manager was very helpful and moved the process right along, all the while being very thorough."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 04-15-2016
"I think we have used Sandpiper for over 12 years and have not had one problem. They have always been quick to accommodate our needs and at the right price."
~Tom Murphy
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-02-2015
"I find the Storage area very clean and well Maintained. I store my classic automobiles and find the area well lit and monitored for security along with the Manager of the Storage Area living on site as double security for my valuables."
~Donald Nace Sr.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-19-2015
"the staff are helpful-they keep the place tidy and well maintained. Friendly, too. Have had units elsewhere where the staff were never there and never returned your phone calls. Actually I have two units- one for year round possessions and the second when I unexpectedly needed a place to move things fast. Would definitely recommend this location to anyone needing a place of their own."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 09-17-2015
"The staff is great."
~mike walton
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-29-2015
"Judy was very pleasant and easy to work with! Facilities are very clean and well kept."
~Courtney Lake
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-23-2015
"Very easy process to obtain a unit. Knowledgeable, helpful and attentive to my needs. Got exactly what I wanted and needed. Thanks!"
~Paul Forkner
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-06-2015
"I was very impressed with the whole experience. We were greeted, advised and assisted in a very professional manner. The storage site is very clean and safe. Thank you!"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 05-19-2015
"Nikki @ SANDPIPER is very helpful and polite , honest ,a pleasure to do business with,and very informative in regards to the area, the facility is kept very clean , It is definitely A+"
~Debbie Braun
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-23-2015
"This is my second rental of a storage unit with Sandpiper location. I would never consider any other storage facility. This facility is clean, convenient and the Manager Nickie Moore is the best. There is nothing she would not do to make sure my rental storage experience was nothing less than fantastic. I highly recommend the facility and the people in charge. rent worry free!!!!"
~Elizabeth Roth
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 03-12-2015
"Nikki was fantastic in satisfying our storage needs. She kept us informed of availability of the unit we needed, she was great in explaining the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. Her Customer Service exceeded our expectations! Thank You Nikki!"
~Dan F
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-26-2015
"Clean, smells good, comfortable, friendly. This was my first impression of Century Storage (Sandpiper Lakeland). Nicki goes above and beyond to help. Nothing is a problem, anything we need she is there to help. She is the perfect manageress! I would hire her in a second! I feel she is part of our family. My moms "stuff" is in good hands. I recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank you, Nicki!"
~Lori Hilton
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 02-16-2015
"Excellent staff and facility. The facility is clean and well maintained. Also, the staff, Nikki, always welcomes me and says hello when she sees me on the property. She also calls me promptly, as i have asked for, any time I receive a package. Great customer service!"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-08-2015
"Judy was very friendly made the process for me smooth. I was granted additional hrs. to move in. So far no problems only thing I don't like is the pavement inside the facility is very bad especially for low cars needs to be made even."
~Judi A
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 12-02-2014
"Very friendly people and the place always looks great!"
~Bill D.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-17-2014
"Units are clean and staff is very friendly wouldnt have my things anywhere else.come check them out"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-13-2014
"This is a top notch facility, from A to Z. The staff is superb, the facility is well maintained, the service is exceptional, the manager will go out of her way to assist you when you are on the premise. I recommend highly!! I have two units and would not hesitate to get another when needed."
~Wanda Friend
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-12-2014
"Unit #lL379 facility very well maintained, great employees, courteous and go above and beyond the call of duty to each customer! and they deserve appreciation!! Joe F."
~Joe Fuleki
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-11-2014
"The staff are very friendly and the facility is always clean. Would not recommend any other storage facility."
~Micah Hardy
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-10-2014
"It is the cleanest storage facility I have ever seen. The staff are so sweet and any supplies you need for storage are right there. Louisa"
~Louisa C. West
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-10-2014
"My wife and I have been renting a storage space from Century Storage for awhile now and the premises is very clean and well kept and the facilities are well maintained. Glad they are a partner."
~David Frack 048
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 11-06-2014
"It was a pleasure to use the Sandpiper location and was very pleased to be greeted by name every time I ran into Nickie. I did a lot of comparison shopping and made many phone calls for price quotes and only Nickie had a smile that shined on the call. If I ever need storage again I will return to Sandpiper and Nickie!"
~Julie Rogers
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 06-29-2013
"Beautiful location and knowledgable people here. Very secure as I saw rotating camera's covering whole facility. Person lives on-site too which eases my nerves as well."
~Sallie Mae
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-27-2013
"Tina in the office is such a breath of fresh air. She was so helpful and even had a company help move me in for free. What else can I say?"
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-02-2012
"This place is so well maintained which was the key point for me and my wife. Too many times we looked and it seemed as if employees didn't care about appearance. This place obviously does!!!! Love it."
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 07-01-2012
"Personally, I've had storage for years and moved everytime these other places raised my price. I've been here and have always paid same price promised on first day there. Up front, honest, kind people here. Plan on staying much longer without a doubt."
~William G.
Sandpiper - North Lakeland 01-27-2012
"The staff here is tremendous. Always courteous every time I'm in."


Century Storage - Sandpiper - North Lakeland is conveniently located on Walt Loop Road in Lakeland, Florida. We are one mile away from Socrum Loop North and just behind the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club. If you live in Lakeland or a surrounding community, your search for excellent self storage is over!

We have everything you’re looking for when it comes to storage, like a convenient location and superior facility amenities. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service around so that your experience is always a pleasant one. We even offer online bill pay options so you can stay ahead of your payments easily.

How much are you willing to pay for a spacious, clean storage unit? Here at Century Storage - Sandpiper - North Lakeland, we believe you should always get a deal! We offer competitive rates along with various coupons and discounts. Call or visit us today to find out more, and talk to one of our friendly managers about all your storage options.