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Sleepy Hill

Sleepy Hill > Locations > Lakeland, FL


Facility Address:

2350 Sleepy Hill Rd Lakeland, FL 33810

Phone Number:

(863) 225-0029

Office Hours:

Monday – Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm
Sunday Closed

Gate Hours:

7 Days a Week 6:00am to 9:00pm

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Sleepy Hill 08-15-2023
"5 stars"
~Air Medics
Sleepy Hill 08-05-2023
"Century Storage has been amazing to work with during a difficult season of moving! They brought cold water bottles to us when we were unloading and made us feel right at home and appreciated! The facilities are so well manicured! I highly recommend them!"
~Nanette Boyer
Sleepy Hill 08-02-2023
"Sarah and Alyssa were so professional and polite. I wish they both worked for my business. Offered me a water and provided me a cozy to go with it. Thank you ladies"
~Adam West
Sleepy Hill 07-03-2023
"Mrs.Kat and miss ari was very awesome and friendly enjoyed myself while they were putting me in unit I could sit all day and talk to them first time I ever seen them but enjoy them thanks ladies hope to see y’all again soon"
~yoshi's art
Sleepy Hill 06-26-2023
"Great experience. Excellent customer service. "
~David Clark V.
Sleepy Hill 06-20-2023
"Very satisfied."
~Alvin John E.
Sleepy Hill 06-03-2023
"Shelby and other team member I forgot her name. She had cool hair cut we’re fantastic. So sweet and professional. Also very cute. "
~Adam W.
Sleepy Hill 05-21-2023
"Great experience. From my telephone conversation to coming into the office to complete the paperwork. Very informative and very professional and overall an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend your company."
~Laurie Elizabeth N.
Sleepy Hill 05-06-2023
"Kat and Amber at the Sleepy Hill location were awesome! The stellar customer service skills exceeded our expectations. Storing your sentimental items requires a level of trust and these two rock stars exhibited an excellent approach to building trust. Additionally, you can tell they love their work and the company they serve!"
~Anthony Browning
Sleepy Hill 04-15-2023
"Everyone is so nice and helpful! This is our 4th unit with them! Highly recommend"
~Shannon Harrington
Sleepy Hill 03-29-2023
"The young ladies were amazing and very helpful. They got me in and out, showed me the unit and if I needed a bigger one they would accommodate."
~Dre Mutis
Sleepy Hill 03-01-2023
"Great people in the office, helped me get a unit fast and got a free month."
~Cool crafter
Sleepy Hill 02-21-2023
"All of the employees are very nice very friendly and they keep everything well kept very neat and clean."
~Starlett Smith (Star)
Sleepy Hill 02-20-2023
"Great place to store your things with a great staff!"
~Chris Weeks
Sleepy Hill 02-15-2023
"Very Kind, Nice & Helpful People. Haribol, Dharma."
~Dharma-rupa Krsnadas
Sleepy Hill 01-27-2023
"VERY pleased nice place quite very nice!!"
~Scott Pugh
Sleepy Hill 12-17-2022
"5 stars"
~La'Kevia Hatten
Sleepy Hill 12-14-2022
"New Manager Amber is professional courteous and super informative. Good luck to her in her new position and taking care of some of our most valuable possessions."
~Matty Orlich
Sleepy Hill 11-21-2022
"Today I had a very particular experience. I rented a 10x10 unit last week, but I realized that the space was not going to be enough and Miss Amber and Shelby very kindly once again made the reservation for me by phone and when I arrived at the place everything was ready my 10x20 was ready. In truth, there is no better storage than this, and there is no better customer service than Misses Shelby and Amber."
~jahn morales
Sleepy Hill 11-16-2022
"Excellent service. So respectful and polite. Really honest place. Clean and nice. Miss Shelby is so professional and friendly as well Mr. Dave."
Sleepy Hill 11-13-2022
"5 stars"
~Billy Bellfy
Sleepy Hill 11-09-2022
"She is a awesome person ❤️ ♥️"
~Ramiro Ortiz
Sleepy Hill 11-09-2022
"5 stars"
~alicia garcia
Sleepy Hill 11-08-2022
"I was very pleased with the customer service with Cathy multitasking with me an other customers she’s truly a hard worker thanks again"
~April Robinson
Sleepy Hill 11-08-2022
"Kathy was awesome and helpful. Great to do business. Thanks Will"
~HF Sales
Sleepy Hill 11-08-2022
"5 stars"
~Chuck Faulkner
Sleepy Hill 11-07-2022
"Kathy answered all my questions to help me make the right choice to meet my needs."
Sleepy Hill 11-07-2022
"kathy was the sweetest she helped me with what i needed help with & was very polite and nice !"
~laila henry
Sleepy Hill 11-07-2022
"Great service and so helpful! Thank you Cathy for helping me save my storage unit from being auctioned. Her and the manager both were so understanding and considerate while I faced a difficult time paying my unit. Much appreciation to you both. I highly recommend century storage. I have used them 2x in the last 5 years and both times my experience has been wonderful!"
~Serena Lynn
Sleepy Hill 11-01-2022
"My experience has been excellent!!!! Great customer and very understanding. I was able to store my property from California with no hassle. I appreciate the great customer service from Kathy and Dave P. You guys rock!!!!"
~Erica Branch
Sleepy Hill 11-01-2022
"These people are great !! Very understanding and flexible. They really care about your experience."
~Richard Comerford
Sleepy Hill 11-01-2022
"Excellent customer service from Kathy took her time to listen to our needs and show us options."
~Edy Acosta
Sleepy Hill 10-29-2022
"Shelby and Kathy was such a pleasure working with, they got me setup with the perfect spot for my trailer. Will definitely store my future trailers with them as well! You should check them out!"
~Jerrel Jackson
Sleepy Hill 10-26-2022
"Kathy and Shelby are great customer Representatives they Rock"
~Benjamin Richardson
Sleepy Hill 10-26-2022
"5 stars"
~Allantae Amoni
Sleepy Hill 10-24-2022
"Great customer service! Excellent knowledge answered every question and concern I had. Highly recommend Kathy Hightower and Shelby Melvin great team!"
~Nakeyma Hightower
Sleepy Hill 10-24-2022
"Kathy was absolutely wonderful and helpful checking me in and showing me the unit."
~Dave Masak
Sleepy Hill 10-22-2022
"5 stars"
~Candice Glover
Sleepy Hill 10-19-2022
"Kathy is outstanding 8n personality and is quite helpful EVERY time we need help."
~Chuck Smith
Sleepy Hill 10-15-2022
~Jorge Garcia
Sleepy Hill 10-15-2022
"Cathy, Cat, & Shelby are AMAZING! They've been so helpful in transferring units. I've rented here many years, & everyone I've ever dealt with has been great!!! The property is very well maintained & I've never had any issues. Thank you!!! "
~Cynthia Bennett
Sleepy Hill 10-11-2022
"Cathy’s customer service skills were excellent!!!! She answered all of my questions and made sure I had a unit large enough to store all of my goods!"
~Cameal Carlton
Sleepy Hill 09-05-2022
"This is my 2nd time renting at Century Storage. The staff is always very professional and the units are meticulously cleaned. I would highly recommend this storage facility to anyone who is in need of temporary or long term storage."
~Lori Garcia
Sleepy Hill 08-19-2022
"I’ve been with century storage for almost 5 years and they have been very professional . We never had to worry about our property .. which we are extremely grateful… thank you"
~Hamptons Detailing
Sleepy Hill 07-29-2022
"I needed a climate controlled space as I will soon be moving and downsizing. Met with Kathy, toured the facility and found it clean, secure and the staff..."
~Pat K.
Sleepy Hill 07-14-2022
"5 stars"
~Kathy Hightower
Sleepy Hill 07-14-2022
"5 stars"
~sean brummitt
Sleepy Hill 05-18-2022
"5 stars"
~Billy Gray
Sleepy Hill 05-01-2022
"Great customer service"
~Maurice knight
Sleepy Hill 03-22-2022
"5 stars"
~Debbie Prevatt
Sleepy Hill 03-15-2022
"This was my 1st time ever dealing with storage, Kathy and Dave were so kind. On a Friday I mistakenly picked the wrong size and Monday when I called Dave, Manager, was personable, friendly, helpful and helped me transfer from one storage to another. No admonishing me…made me feel comfortable. Very clean, well kept Property and safe and secure."
~Michelle Smith
Sleepy Hill 03-04-2022
"4 stars"
~Double A Beat Factory Studio Aaron Lewis
Sleepy Hill 02-27-2022
"I’ve used this facility for 12 years. I was always surprised at how NICE and caring the office folks were. I’d received timely notices regarding “anything” that may have effected my space, for example holiday hours to pavement. Great place to store your items"
~Diane Fitzgerald
Sleepy Hill 02-16-2022
"Thanks to Nicole Colon for the help with setting us up for a unit!"
~Memic O'Oab
Sleepy Hill 02-01-2022
"This place is clean and the people behind the counter are Phenomenal. They are very caring people and even listened when I had a problem not related to the storage unit. My hat is off to them! I would rent from this location again"
~Linda S
Sleepy Hill 01-29-2022
"5 stars"
~joe quigley
Sleepy Hill 01-14-2022
"Great customer service and friendly staff! Second time using them and will go back again if I need another unit!"
~Lindsay Cheney
Sleepy Hill 01-13-2022
"5 stars"
~Kyle Robb grant
Sleepy Hill 12-16-2021
"5 stars"
~E Butler
Sleepy Hill 12-15-2021
"5 stars"
~Karen Styron
Sleepy Hill 12-09-2021
"5 stars"
~Stevie Ross
Sleepy Hill 11-16-2021
"They have been very accommodating and nice! Every time I called with a question or concern, they went above and beyond. 10/10 would recommend and be a repeat customer!"
~Ashlee Tyler
Sleepy Hill 11-15-2021
"5 stars"
~Benjamin Falk
Sleepy Hill 11-11-2021
"5 stars"
~Patricia Grandinetti
Sleepy Hill 10-07-2021
"A nice and clean, secure storage site. And very friendly staff willing to help. I highly recommend this place."
~Christine Dawn (Blueberry)
Sleepy Hill 10-06-2021
"5 stars"
~Mayra Santiago
Sleepy Hill 09-09-2021
"Very clean, pest free environment, great customer service, low prices. This is my second time using Century Storage. Highly recommend..."
~eddie wilcox
Sleepy Hill 09-09-2021
"5 stars"
~Kaleb Pereira
Sleepy Hill 09-05-2021
"Great place to store your stuff! The people in the office we interacted with were very pleasant, friendly, and helpful. The facilities are well kept. Will use again if the need arises."
~Beth Romero
Sleepy Hill 09-05-2021
"5 stars"
~Kevin Stearns
Sleepy Hill 09-02-2021
"5 stars"
~Lefty Thor
Sleepy Hill 07-27-2021
"I got the unit I needed."
~Joy Houlahan
Sleepy Hill 07-17-2021
"We are very happy we chose Century Storage. Great location and the auto pay makes it so convenient to ensure payment are received on time."
~Debbie Diffenderfer
Sleepy Hill 07-12-2021
"the girls in the office are great. they made me feel appreciated.aaaaaaaaa7 welcomed. thank you"
~Beverly Bennett
Sleepy Hill 06-25-2021
"Secure, clean and well run. OH, it's also reasonable in price and has excellent management."
~Dee Streb
Sleepy Hill 06-20-2021
"5 stars"
~victor alvira
Sleepy Hill 05-15-2021
"just looking . nice place."
~Rocky Elliott
Sleepy Hill 05-07-2021
"Great customer service. Thanks"
~Chris V G.
Sleepy Hill 05-06-2021
"Always extremely helpful. Sometimes a little difficult to get on the phone. Very polite very kind staff and very clean and well-kept grounds. The fence gate always works correctly and nothing is ever broken or out of order. The staff is really exceptional though!!I wanna reiterate that Amber and Dave plus another gentleman have been just amazing!!! Previously, I had a smaller unit which I transferred to a larger unit and they have taken care of me every step of the way with the utmost satisfaction on my end. I am a Disabled 115lb female with a service dog and they make my use of their premises a positive one each and every time!"
~The_Craftee _Kitty
Sleepy Hill 05-02-2021
"Great customer service. Thank you."
~Robert B.
Sleepy Hill 04-30-2021
"5 stars"
~Janet Akers
Sleepy Hill 04-14-2021
"5 stars"
~Erin Dennes
Sleepy Hill 04-10-2021
"Great and friendly people very willing to help you with anything you need."
~Cynthia Westley
Sleepy Hill 04-05-2021
"5 stars"
~Antonio Hoskins
Sleepy Hill 04-03-2021
"5 stars"
~Lin Williams
Sleepy Hill 03-22-2021
"Excellent service. Both sales agent Amber and manager got me exactly what I needed while I'm moving to a new home great prices very secure storage clean exactly what you would want"
~Luke Evers
Sleepy Hill 03-22-2021
"5 stars"
~Edmond Green
Sleepy Hill 03-14-2021
"5 stars"
~Dante Carter
Sleepy Hill 03-04-2021
"Very nice and friendly, helpful"
~Stephanie Popowitz
Sleepy Hill 02-27-2021
"5 stars"
~Candace Engram
Sleepy Hill 02-13-2021
"5 stars"
~Terry Comer
Sleepy Hill 02-10-2021
"Amazing customer service !!!! Dave was great cristy were amazing !"
~Lorra Weed
Sleepy Hill 02-03-2021
"Amber and Dave were very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. They both also have a great sense of humor! Thank you both!"
~Ki Baby
Sleepy Hill 01-22-2021
"Friendly staff and clean units. Im very happy I went with them for my storage needs!!!!!!"
~Brad Arnett
Sleepy Hill 01-19-2021
"Just rented a unit place nice and clean Dave was very helpful."
~Victoria Burke
Sleepy Hill 01-15-2021
"This location is so clean, even the hallways smell good! The manager and girl at the front are fantastic! Will definitely be back if I ever need more storage! Thanks for the help guys!"
Sleepy Hill 01-11-2021
"5 stars"
~Maggie Delgado
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2020
"5 stars"
~Charlene Gibson
Sleepy Hill 12-22-2020
"I needed to rent a storage unit before moving back to Florida. I contacted Century Storage - Sleepy Hill and they got me all set up ahead of time. Great customer service!"
~L Mendel
Sleepy Hill 12-11-2020
"5 stars"
~Vershumn Smothers
Sleepy Hill 11-23-2020
"5 stars"
~Rebecca Groover
Sleepy Hill 11-19-2020
"5 stars"
~Francis Rivera
Sleepy Hill 11-13-2020
"Great place and service! Rossa was very sweet and helpful.. place is clean as well as unit. They even left a moving cart for our convenience in front of our unit before we arrived. Will definitely use again and highly recommend!"
~Jennifer Hsu
Sleepy Hill 11-10-2020
"Clean storage, safety security and excellent customer service."
~Joe Wheeldon
Sleepy Hill 11-05-2020
"5 stars"
~Charles Cadenhead
Sleepy Hill 11-02-2020
"Fantastic service! Always clean! Never had an issue, will stay with this company for the rest of time!!"
~Nikita Burton
Sleepy Hill 11-01-2020
"Very neat and the service! The prices are reasonable.All around a wonderful places to do business at"
~Crystal F.
Sleepy Hill 10-31-2020
"5 stars"
~john kennard
Sleepy Hill 10-28-2020
"Great facility. Always clean. Good security. Great service."
~Patrick Smith
Sleepy Hill 10-26-2020
"The office staff very helpful, its clean and located conveniently near shopping for quick stops to retrieve xmas decorations etc"
~Kate Spencer
Sleepy Hill 10-20-2020
"Century storage on sleepy hill is the best storage spot in Lakeland, Fl. I would recommend using their storage spots to anyone. I have stored my computers there for over 6 months due to being in between houses, and they have always offered great and friendly service."
~Kyle Calder
Sleepy Hill 10-15-2020
"So nice and accommodating. Both Daves are extremely easy to speak with and very nice. The place is kept up well and clean. Great location for me. I highly recommend this century on Sleepy Hill Rd. Thanks guys"
~nicole and Calvin townsend
Sleepy Hill 10-03-2020
"5 stars"
~John Cadenhead
Sleepy Hill 09-28-2020
"This is a superior place to store your precious belongings. We were very pleased with the service, the location and the actual unit. I had a nice long conversation with Dave and he answered my every question to my satisfaction and made some helpful recommendations."
~Kristin Burton
Sleepy Hill 09-25-2020
"5 stars"
~Ciara Harville
Sleepy Hill 09-23-2020
"Dave Jones was incredibly helpful and the whole process was very easy and efficient!"
~Andrea Oakley
Sleepy Hill 09-22-2020
"5 stars"
~Jeannette Whittle
Sleepy Hill 09-03-2020
"5 stars"
~Migdalia Correa
Sleepy Hill 07-30-2020
"4 stars"
~Sheri Snyder
Sleepy Hill 07-15-2020
"Dave Jones contacted me within 24 hours after I submitted my online request. That's rare these days. Dave Parris took over making the follow-up phone calls until I was able to confirm an approximate date needed for storage. They were extremely patient and understanding. Dave Parris was great to talk to. Very friendly and courteous. I can't wait until we move our things into storage there. The customer service is excellent!"
~Lenita Frith
Sleepy Hill 07-12-2020
"The place is very clean, And customer service is outstanding!!"
~sylvia lisbon
Sleepy Hill 06-26-2020
"Extremely professional and friendly staff!"
~Monica Mikell
Sleepy Hill 06-26-2020
"5 stars"
~Kareem Nieves
Sleepy Hill 06-22-2020
"Great experience with you guys. I truly will recommend you. Great in all measures! Thanks"
~Jay Code
Sleepy Hill 06-17-2020
"Absolutely amazing customer service! Manager was very professional, friendly and knowledgeable."
~Mariah Housley
Sleepy Hill 06-16-2020
"Great experience. Place was clean, easy access, and variety of unit sizes. Dave was very helpful and informative."
~Patti Smith
Sleepy Hill 06-05-2020
"Everything was perfect. The attention, the service, all very well explained and detailed. I highly recommend it."
~Wildeliz Pérez
Sleepy Hill 06-02-2020
"5 stars"
~Lisandra villegas
Sleepy Hill 05-27-2020
"Century really helped out big time with my recent move. Check in and out of storage unit could not have been any easier. Staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Would definitely use them again."
~Mark Nations
Sleepy Hill 05-21-2020
"I love renting there storage the manager there name Dave he is very nice if you need to store your items come here they are the best."
~Joy Bennett
Sleepy Hill 05-14-2020
"Best all around for sure thanks dave"
~Jess Rolon
Sleepy Hill 05-12-2020
"This is our second time needing storage Dave has been very helpful even during my job loss. He assured us that they would help us keep our storage safe. He is very easy to talk to and does what he says."
~Tammy Hoover
Sleepy Hill 05-07-2020
"Both of the managers are really nice. The property is very clean and well kept. Prices at this facility were considerably better than any other in the area."
~M Shawn B.
Sleepy Hill 04-30-2020
"Everything went very smoothly, no problems. He explained everything thoroughly."
~Patricia M.
Sleepy Hill 04-03-2020
"Everything went very smoothly, Dave Parris was pleasant and helpfuland this far we've experienced no problems. Would recommend Century Storage."
~Richard Skinner
Sleepy Hill 03-21-2020
"Great experience! Dave Jones was great. Very friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to show us several size units to make sure we got the unit that fit our needs. No pressure and hassle free. Thank you Century Storage."
~Brandy McCollum
Sleepy Hill 03-20-2020
"Very nice people and i like the location...very comfortable!"
~Angelica Ruiz
Sleepy Hill 03-16-2020
"After we went back to our storage units we found that they have added more space where people can bring in vehicles and park them everywhere. Where it clogs up where the people who have units there it makes it harder for them to gain access to their units where they have to park their vehicles in the middle of the pass-through blocking Passage of others. And we have several units at other Sentry storage has including one of our children. We thought about taking at least one star away, sorry to say"
Sleepy Hill 03-12-2020
"Was referred to Century by a family member. Everytime we have the need for storage space we always come here. For years now we have always been greeted with kindness and professionalism. If you need a storage place you don't have to worry your stuff Century is your place. Thank you Dave for always being so nice both to me and my wife!!!"
Sleepy Hill 03-11-2020
"Dave Parris. Was very informative and knowledgeable about the area and storage facility. He helped my family make the right decision so we can have the best transition into our forever home."
~Tyler Cote
Sleepy Hill 03-10-2020
"5 stars"
~Michael Trovato
Sleepy Hill 03-10-2020
"5 stars"
~Jazzy Lady
Sleepy Hill 03-10-2020
"5 stars"
Sleepy Hill 03-09-2020
"5 stars"
~Mikayla Karin
Sleepy Hill 03-02-2020
"Great service. Always clean. Recommended 100%"
~Isvette Cruz
Sleepy Hill 03-02-2020
"This is one of three storage places that I have been at! Yet it’s the beat one that I have had. Great service"
~Andrew Dixon
Sleepy Hill 01-25-2020
"5 stars"
~Dani Holton
Sleepy Hill 01-22-2020
"Highly recommended! Cindy was very helpful and informative!"
Sleepy Hill 01-11-2020
"Awesome Place to Keep your extra items! Dave was a Great Guy....Very Nice Took no time at all to show me around the property and pick a unit"
Sleepy Hill 01-10-2020
"5 stars"
~Lynn Turcotte
Sleepy Hill 01-02-2020
"5 stars"
Sleepy Hill 01-02-2020
"5 stars"
~Patricia Shaw
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"I've utilized storage facilities in the past but must say, this particular one is VERY nice. The employees are so friendly and the property is clean and secure. I would recommend this facility to anyone needing a safe place to store their belongings."
~S. Nash
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Very clean and friendly staff. Dave was very helpful and kind. I recommend this place to anyone looking for a storage unit."
~Aida Rivera
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"This location the people have always been so kind and helpful. I have had to get a unit twice from this location and if I ever need it again it will be at the Sleepy Hill locatin!"
~Barbara Padgett
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"David Jones is very informative, helpful, and professional"
~Amanda Vaughan
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Dave was really helpful helping with the storage size I needed."
~Henry Martinez
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Great place friendly manager. Was very informative and the prices are great. It’s clean and couldn’t ask for anything better."
~Christina Dixon
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Very neat and clean. Reasonable prices and friendly staff. Good location "
~Ryan Devine
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"5 stars"
~Skye Bassham
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Staff is always nice and friendly"
~Candy Bryant
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"Great people helpful pleasant all around wonderful experience"
~Lisa Muiselaar
Sleepy Hill 12-31-2019
"I’ve rented a unit with Century storage for almost a year now. Dave Jones is always warm, friendly and eager to accommodate. Best customer service from any storage facility, hands down. 10/10 would recommend renting with them"
~Kelsey Nix
Sleepy Hill 12-30-2019
"Love this place!!! The manager is great!!!"
~Amy Perkins
Sleepy Hill 12-30-2019
"5 stars"
~Kaitlyn Hughes
Sleepy Hill 12-30-2019
"This is a great place to store your belongings. They are always pleasant."
~Angela Hayes
Sleepy Hill 12-29-2019
"5 stars"
~David Peterson
Sleepy Hill 12-28-2019
"Dave was a very pleasant and helpful employee. Very polite and knowledeable. Answered all questions with a smile. And got us checked in very fast."
~Andrew Gibbs
Sleepy Hill 12-27-2019
"I love the customer service"
~Tawana Ware
Sleepy Hill 12-27-2019
"Everyone I have spoken with has been very courteous and kind. The facilities are always well kept!"
~Wendy Maurello
Sleepy Hill 12-27-2019
"5 stars"
~shanelle sharpe
Sleepy Hill 12-27-2019
"5 stars"
~denise peterson
Sleepy Hill 12-25-2019
"Amazing service! So friendly and helpful!"
~Dannelle Rose C
Sleepy Hill 12-23-2019
"5 stars"
~Lindsey Brookens
Sleepy Hill 12-14-2019
"I helped a friend get q storage unit here yesterday and I was just amazed at the ease from reserving the unit online to actually moving into the unit. Grear staff that welcomed us right in and gave us tour of property. And speaking of property this is the cleanest self storage property I have ever seen. Great rates."
~Michael Hudson
Sleepy Hill 12-11-2019
"I use this facility for my business and wish I had done this a long time ago. They make it very easy to receive deliveries and are always available when needed. Dave Jones (Mgr) is very polite and upmost professional and is always there to help with any questions or concerns. If you are looking for storage, this is the place to go!!"
~Greg Riddell's
Sleepy Hill 12-09-2019
"Nice storage facility and very nice staff! Thank you for doing business with me."
~Pipe Princess
Sleepy Hill 12-06-2019
"5 stars"
~Dorothy Williams
Sleepy Hill 12-06-2019
"4 stars"
~Anne Noyola
Sleepy Hill 12-01-2019
"Very Friendly! Nice facility"
~Kerry Gregory
Sleepy Hill 11-26-2019
"Nice friendly people. They will go out of their way to help you."
~william kolwyck
Sleepy Hill 11-18-2019
"Professional service and kind service. Dave made it easy and simple. Thank you!"
~Frandy Myers
Sleepy Hill 11-14-2019
"Century Storage was wonderful. They were very thorough and the units are very secure."
~Shane Letchworth
Sleepy Hill 11-11-2019
"Everyone there has always been very professional, helpful and accommodating. Thank you Especially to Dave who has always been so great to work with. I would recommend Century Storage to anyone."
~Midge Brown
Sleepy Hill 11-11-2019
"5 stars"
~Thomas Smith
Sleepy Hill 11-06-2019
"This storage unit location was a tremendous help in securing storage quickly for us with regards to our salvageable belongings left from the tornado. Thank you for your help. It is truly appreciated."
~Kathleen Sebeny
Sleepy Hill 11-05-2019
"Clean facilities. Friendly staff. Convenient to highways. Easy to get in and out. The facility seems very secure."
Sleepy Hill 11-04-2019
"Quick and efficient process! Very convenient location."
~karen drake
Sleepy Hill 11-02-2019
"5 stars"
~Shane Burch
Sleepy Hill 10-30-2019
"5 stars"
~paolina santana
Sleepy Hill 10-08-2019
"5 stars"
~Shandha Woodard
Sleepy Hill 08-24-2019
"5 stars"
~Mimi rose
Sleepy Hill 08-15-2019
"4 stars"
~Terry Peacock
Sleepy Hill 07-26-2019
"5 stars"
~Ann Watson
Sleepy Hill 07-20-2019
"Clean units, very helpful staff. Great place."
~Irene Kessler
Sleepy Hill 07-14-2019
"Could use more security. Our unit was broken into."
~Jane Birk
Sleepy Hill 07-06-2019
"5 stars"
~Paula Hayden
Sleepy Hill 07-05-2019
"5 stars"
~Elizabeth Sierra
Sleepy Hill 07-04-2019
"I have had many units here over the last few years. Friendly people, clean climate controlled unit's at a good price"
~Paul Cenkner
Sleepy Hill 06-26-2019
"5 stars"
~Nilda Gonzalez
Sleepy Hill 06-23-2019
"love this place"
~Maria Gipson
Sleepy Hill 06-20-2019
"5 stars"
~Lisi Isasi
Sleepy Hill 06-14-2019
"So far so great....charming, helpful & efficient staff. Clean facilities n like new facilities. Do recommend"
~Liz D
Sleepy Hill 04-26-2019
"This was a new experience for me and David made it so easy. He explained everything and was so patient. I know I made the right decision coming to Century. Thank you."
~Lorraine Olsen
Sleepy Hill 04-26-2019
"Great service, was on a time limit Dave made it quick and easy and got us out on time."
~Alex Godkin
Sleepy Hill 04-24-2019
"5 stars"
~Stephen Damien
Sleepy Hill 04-22-2019
"5 stars"
~Steven Essary
Sleepy Hill 04-19-2019
"My agent was courteous, kind, and informative. She made the move-in quick and easy."
~Jamie Monge
Sleepy Hill 04-10-2019
"5 stars"
Sleepy Hill 04-01-2019
"Because I love life"
~Cynthony Barrett
Sleepy Hill 03-07-2019
"Exceptionally friendly, Customer Service is their main goal, will to work with you in any situation. They have a customer for life when I need their facility. Thanks!"
~Cindy Coates
Sleepy Hill 03-01-2019
"5 stars"
~André Wiggers
Sleepy Hill 02-28-2019
"The manager is an exceptional person he shows and tells everything you need to know I took a tumble while I was there and he was right on it getting my knee all fixed up and I when I left there that day I highly recommended that place to 2 of my friends"
~Deanna Roy
Sleepy Hill 02-23-2019
"Quick and easy process! Guys are great"
~Lisa Pavoni
Sleepy Hill 02-23-2019
"Great customer service. The process was quick and easy!"
~Lisa Pavoni
Sleepy Hill 02-02-2019
"Friendly, helpful and courteous staff."
~Hattie Brown
Sleepy Hill 01-30-2019
"Friendly staff, clean units, GREAT security."
~Carmine S Marcello
Sleepy Hill 01-30-2019
"5 stars"
~rick dibenedetto
Sleepy Hill 01-30-2019
"Easy rental sign up. The staff were really helpful and sweet. Space was exactly as expected"
~Dianna Lievers - Ashworth
Sleepy Hill 01-07-2019
"The staff here is very friendly. The property as well as the units are clean and in very good condition."
~Chris Licon
Sleepy Hill 01-03-2019
"5 stars"
~Larry Heimrich
Sleepy Hill 01-01-2019
"The manager is very helpful. Very friendly staff."
Sleepy Hill 11-13-2018
"5 stars"
~Sheila Quiñones
Sleepy Hill 10-26-2018
"Friendly staff, clean grounds and very helpful on such a short notice. Plus affordable units! Highly recommend!"
~Kaily Kolbe
Sleepy Hill 10-18-2018
"Very competitive and will definitely see your a satisfied customer. Very safe environment and 24hrs monitoring. Great referral program too! Absolutely one of the best I’ve used! Very clean and has Massey’s spray service which is another plus! Top notch for sure! Thank you Sam Torna for premier customer service!"
~Frank Anderson
Sleepy Hill 09-03-2018
"This facility is very clean and well organized. The service personnel were very professional and courteous. The climate controlled price was reasonable. I would recommend this business to anyone."
~Steve Hoffman
Sleepy Hill 08-22-2018
"They were great and super easy to work with!"
~Jessica Cron
Sleepy Hill 07-31-2018
"4 stars"
~carl olmstead
Sleepy Hill 07-27-2018
"Great service, easy process. They helped me make sure i got the unit size i needed. Very clean units!"
Sleepy Hill 07-27-2018
"Great service, easy process. They helped me make sure i got the unit i needed. Very clean units!"
~Kyrstine Larsson
Sleepy Hill 07-12-2018
"5 stars"
~Rosemarie Caseman
Sleepy Hill 07-07-2018
"Reasonable prices for my temperature controlled storage."
~Sharon Peay
Sleepy Hill 06-25-2018
"5 stars"
~shelly and Mancini
Sleepy Hill 05-29-2018
"5 stars"
~danny paul
Sleepy Hill 05-25-2018
"5 stars"
~Lennox Forteau
Sleepy Hill 05-18-2018
"Great People Great Place Clean & Friendly"
Sleepy Hill 05-17-2018
"Great service! Simple process. Took about 5 minutes to get set up. Love that I can pay online."
~Dan Backes
Sleepy Hill 05-03-2018
"Last weekend I visited this place with my dog and the person incharge Dave was great assisting me and also offer a drill for my dog!how awesome is that?! I’m glad we choose century-storage to store all our stuff.."
~Joanah S.
Sleepy Hill 04-30-2018
"I had a great first impression. Dave answered all my questions and concerns and made me feel welcome. The units and the sorrounding areas are well maintained. The unit we rented was ready and clean on time."
Sleepy Hill 04-26-2018
"Great Location, Excellent Customer Service, VERY Clean."
~Terri Gould
Sleepy Hill 04-18-2018
"5 stars"
~Gina Brown
Sleepy Hill 04-12-2018
"Friendly, clean and safe"
~Amber Summers
Sleepy Hill 03-26-2018
"Great staff and facility. Good rates. Good hours and ease of access. Grounds were always very clean and kept. Will definitely go back if I need a storage unit in the future."
~Betsy Catanzaro
Sleepy Hill 03-12-2018
"4 stars"
~Lauren Acevedo
Sleepy Hill 03-08-2018
"I am very disappointed in the customer service with Century Storage. They told me that upon leaving I would pay a prorated amount since I was only going to be needing a week of the months storage rent. However, they had me pay the entire month and never reimbursed me for the weeks that I was not there, after moving out. They made it seem like it was my fault and then stopped responding to me all together. I do not recommend them unless you are planning on moving out the day right before the month is up. - Issue has been resolved"
~Karissa Hagemeister
Sleepy Hill 03-02-2018
"5 stars"
~Kerry Webb
Sleepy Hill 02-25-2018
"The gentleman in the front office was nice and very informative. I moved my things in this weekend nice and easy the environment is calm and not a lot of traffic plus the surveillance is a bonus !"
~Jasmine F
Sleepy Hill 02-05-2018
"F829, moved my stuff in this weekend, they were very nice and quick to get it setup and unit was close and easy to access."
~Chris N
Sleepy Hill 02-03-2018
"i'm a repeat customer...always found the place very clean and easy to deal with the very informative managers."
~edward werstein
Sleepy Hill 01-20-2018
"Good guys working there, they even matched price of other storage facility."
~Henrich Wons
Sleepy Hill 01-20-2018
"5 stars"
~Gilberto Torres
Sleepy Hill 01-14-2018
"Very clean facilities and the staff is very nice and wonderful to work with!!"
~Ted Klein
Sleepy Hill 01-08-2018
"This storage was the cleanest I’ve seen with the beat prices! All the people in the office are great! Overall great experience!"
Sleepy Hill 12-28-2017
"This was by far the cleanest and friendliest storage facility we have ever used! My Husband and I were beyond impressed with everything. I’m also excited that I can handle everything electronically."
~N W
Sleepy Hill 12-21-2017
"5 stars"
~Christina Davis
Sleepy Hill 12-15-2017
"I am so thrilled I picked a great storage. The place looks clean and the customer service was amazing!!!"
Sleepy Hill 12-15-2017
"Seeing as this was the first time I have rented a storage facility, I was shocked at how smooth the whole process was. The manager, Dave was amazing! Walked me through and explained everything to me. It was a great experience!"
~Nicole DiGennaro
Sleepy Hill 12-07-2017
"It's awesome to go into a business and they greet you by name. They make you feel very welcomed at this location."
~Anthony Smith
Sleepy Hill 12-05-2017
~Luz Feliciano
Sleepy Hill 11-13-2017
"I reserved my unit on-line and found out the unit size I reserved would not be big enough. Judy was very helpful in getting me into the unit that I needed. This was a first time experience for me and she was very helpful. I would definitely use them again. Facility was just what I wanted, clean and secured."
~Diane Tillman
Sleepy Hill 11-07-2017
"Clean and air conditioned but a little expensive."
~Paula Murphy
Sleepy Hill 11-03-2017
"I've had a good experience so far, i have two units F923 and F928. Very clean"
~Charles Wall
Sleepy Hill 11-01-2017
"Office people were a pleasure to deal with and made the paperwork, payment, and moving in very easy and fast. Nice facility with clean units and hallways. Very secure."
~Alex Bryan
Sleepy Hill 10-22-2017
"Very clean and the staff is extremely nice and professional. Better than what I expected as a first time customer renting a storage unit"
~Caleb Mansfield
Sleepy Hill 10-16-2017
"The staff at Century Storage on Sleepy Hill road were very friendly and helpful. This was my first experience with renting a storage and they walked me right through the process. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who's looking for a storage facility."
Sleepy Hill 10-15-2017
"Friendly staff"
~Robert Johnson
Sleepy Hill 10-02-2017
"Nice storage units the whole place is high n dry during storms no flooding"
~Mike O
Sleepy Hill 09-21-2017
"Clean storage unit."
~Swetha Purum
Sleepy Hill 09-15-2017
"Great storage units. Clean and staff is very friendly too. I am currently Idina then to store my belongings."
~Rose Caseman
Sleepy Hill 09-05-2017
"exceptional staff, and great location to fit my current needs. All areas are clean and properly secured."
Sleepy Hill 08-30-2017
"Very professional staff at the Sleepy Hill Location, They greet you by name not a number, Facility is clean and easily accessible and secure!"
Sleepy Hill 08-23-2017
"Best place ever to rent a storage. Everyone is very professional and helpful. Judy was so nice and caring. There should be more people like her. Love the place and would recommend it to anyone 100%.."
Sleepy Hill 08-22-2017
"We were blown away at how friendly the staff was. If we had any questions, they answered promptly without making us feel dumb. Super friendly service! The unit is also very nice and clean. Highly recommended!"
Sleepy Hill 08-22-2017
"Got a great deal for 50% off but I was more impressed with the facility and the professional attitude of the two Daves. The units and the grounds are very clean and entrance is is nicely located and monitored."
~Larry Horton
Sleepy Hill 08-15-2017
"5 stars"
~katie benjamin
Sleepy Hill 07-27-2017
"5 stars"
~Shellie brown
Sleepy Hill 07-23-2017
"The customer service provided is premier! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to speak with us to determine our needs. I recommend this place to anyone in need of a storage unit. Judy is spectacular, too!"
Sleepy Hill 07-22-2017
"Best Customer Service ever. Judy was very professional and quit nice. Place is clean and very safe to keep all your things. Will recommend Century Storage always."
~Olivia Belardo
Sleepy Hill 07-20-2017
"I am satisfied that I chose this storage facility. The staff is very courteous and helpful. The facility is very clean and in a great area. The price is not bad either!! So far good experience!"
~LaTyona Green
Sleepy Hill 07-19-2017
"Yes the wonderful place for storage sometimes I forget and leave my door open and they call me and let me know that they locked it for me"
~leroy hudson
Sleepy Hill 07-07-2017
"I have had such a great experience with Sleepy Hill Century Storage. Judy and Dave have been so helpful in finding me the best storage for my situation. Very clean facility with people that care!! Thank you so much for all your help!!"
~Gloria McKinley
Sleepy Hill 07-03-2017
"Great staff, clean facility, easy move in. Glad we went with Century Storage at Sleepy Hill"
Sleepy Hill 06-29-2017
"I got a 5x10unit for 50% off and don't make another payment till August so pretty good deal"
~Matalynn Sampson
Sleepy Hill 06-22-2017
"Great customer service"
~kimberly mobley
Sleepy Hill 06-16-2017
"4 stars"
~Darrell Combee
Sleepy Hill 06-15-2017
"Mr. Jones was an angel in disguise, he helped me with a climate controlled storage unit that fit my budget and treated me outstanding. I recommend this place to all my family and friends."
~Eneida Reyes
Sleepy Hill 06-12-2017
"David was very helpful in selecting our storage rental. All areas we viewed were well kept and clean."
~Cleve Frink
Sleepy Hill 06-06-2017
"The sign-up process was professionally handled and very thorough. There are a variety of payment options. The gentlemen in the office seem very knowledgeable about packing, moving goods, etc. and can give referrals of those who can help you."
~Carl Gustafson
Sleepy Hill 06-05-2017
"I have been very pleased with the service and cleanliness of Century Storage. From renting the right unit to meet our needs to prorating our last month's payment, Century has been very helpful and professional. Our climate controlled unit always looks clean and smells great thanks to the air fresheners. You won't be disappointed."
Sleepy Hill 05-30-2017
"I would like to say that even though it was a last minute stop in and not to mention 30 minutes to closing, Resident Manager Dave Jones warmly welcomed me to the site and did not hesitate to show me various units that would accommodate my needs!! I was very impressed with his willingness and professionalism he showed! This is why I will continue to use Century Storage."
~Katrina Slater
Sleepy Hill 05-19-2017
"Very clean place and I absolutely love that they are so kind. The prices for the unit are well priced as well."
~Jo “Jo's_daydream” Medina
Sleepy Hill 05-14-2017
"Excellent customer service"
~Timothy white
Sleepy Hill 05-11-2017
"I had the pleasure of having Dave Jones assist me with getting a unit. He was very welcoming, friendly and helped me with my storage needs."
~Lesley w
Sleepy Hill 04-19-2017
"The guys there are very friendly & helpful. Very understanding of our situation. The facility is very clean, really nice inside, I would highly recommend this place for your storage needs."
~Mark wentworth
Sleepy Hill 04-17-2017
"I appreciate the customer service and professional staff. The unit is very clean and the grounds are well lit."
Sleepy Hill 04-10-2017
"Great personal at this location. We ended up with a bigger unit than planned but the lady worked with us and gave us a senior discount. Would definitely use them again for another unit."
Sleepy Hill 04-08-2017
"The best in customer services, security, and prices!"
Sleepy Hill 04-05-2017
"needed last minute storage for work overseas. They were professional and helpful in the storage process."
Sleepy Hill 03-22-2017
"This is my second rental here at Sleepy Hill. The staff is awesome. Always courteous and professional. Units are clean and reasonably priced."
~Marc Abbott
Sleepy Hill 03-02-2017
"The Sleepy Hill Century Storage has always been a clean place for self storage. David made the necessary paperwork pleasant to process. The climate-controled storage I chose should work out great for me."
~H. Patterson
Sleepy Hill 02-27-2017
"Judy was most helpful showing me the different sized units so I know what I needed to store our household items. Very clean and easy access. Thank you"
~Evajewel Pressley
Sleepy Hill 02-16-2017
"We currently have two storage units at this facility. We could not have asked for better service from anyone. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly. We feel very confident about the security of our property. We highly recommend this storage facility for your storage needs."
~Donna Scruggs
Sleepy Hill 01-30-2017
"Thanks for the use of the storage units - I had two temporarily and was very pleased with its use. Would highly recommend Century Storage for the clean units and the very helpful staff."
~Mark Lehman
Sleepy Hill 01-24-2017
"Clean and great service. Dave is awesome and on the ball. Great price even for climate control."
~Morrigan Jayson Phillips
Sleepy Hill 01-11-2017
"I've used them for years and have never had an issue with anything."
~Bruce & A
Sleepy Hill 01-09-2017
"Judy was a delight to talk with and very helpful in helping me determine what I needed. Dave was friendly and helpful in getting me signed up for my unit. Upon arriving at my unit on Sunday, I found it to be clean and ready for move in. So far, I am very happy with Century and would recommend it to anyone looking for storage!"
~Gloria McKinley
Sleepy Hill 12-12-2016
"Connie and Dave make you feel like family when you walk in the door. Very helpful and kind. They keep Century Storage very clean and seasonally decorated. Thank you both for doing a great job."
~Jessica Heath
Sleepy Hill 12-09-2016
"5 stars"
~Todd Raines
Sleepy Hill 12-05-2016
Sleepy Hill 12-04-2016
"Dave went out of his way to make sure I had a unit that fit my needs. The facility itself is spotless and easy to navigate. I highly recommend this place!"
Sleepy Hill 11-15-2016
"Great place! Very handy for this local area. Employees very very professional and friendly. I sure appreciate this!"
~Deb D,
Sleepy Hill 11-15-2016
"Connie and Dave went out of their way to accommodate me on short notice. The unit was clean and very convenient for my movers. I have rented there before and when I found out I needed to rent a storage space, I knew right where to go. They go above and beyond."
Sleepy Hill 11-08-2016
"The Sleepy Hill storage facility is in a very convenient location for us. It is clean and easily accessible. The manager is very nice and helpful. The monthly rates are very reasonable and I can pay online. Security is top notch which is important to us. If you need to store anything I recommend this facility."
~Donna Scruggs
Sleepy Hill 11-02-2016
"Well maintained, security monitoring, and kind down-to-earth staff."
~Lance Webb
Sleepy Hill 10-31-2016
"Excellent customer service!!! Connie at the Sleepy Hill facility is awesome!! Thank you for the great experience!"
Sleepy Hill 10-22-2016
"5 stars"
~amy gilmore
Sleepy Hill 10-19-2016
"I love them and the employees are wonderful. The units are clean and well maintained. I used them from October of 2015 to June 2016. And now I am going to need them again. I would highly recommend them to everyone in need of storage. I give them a big thumbs up!"
~Karen Reining
Sleepy Hill 10-13-2016
"the staff at the sleepy hill century storage were very helpful and accommodating. Their prices are fair and reasonable. the storage units are clean and easily accessible. i would highly recommend this facility"
~chris clay
Sleepy Hill 10-10-2016
"Very pleased with this location and with the staff. quick and easy registration and very secure and have "peace" at mind that my belongings are well stored."
Sleepy Hill 09-15-2016
"Century Storage on Sleepy Hill Rd is a very clean facility. I like that moving carts are available so I do not have to carry my heavy boxes down the aisle myself. I always feel safe, even if I'm at my unit in the evenings. Great facility, highly recommend."
~Rhonda Pleima
Sleepy Hill 09-14-2016
"They were very helpful getting hey storage unit and explaining their hours and helping with how much is actually going to cost each month"
Sleepy Hill 08-31-2016
"The staff at the Sleepy Hill units are so nice and so very helpful. I made a move from Ohio to Lakeland and they were so helpful in getting me into the right size unit and talking with me about any concerns I had. The property is well maintained and I feel my belongings are very safe in this storage unit."
~Rebecca Miracle
Sleepy Hill 08-14-2016
"Sign-up went smoothly,everything was clean and well-kept, and the staff was very friendly! They gave me all of the options and showed/told me about everything that I could get! Love this place!"
Sleepy Hill 08-03-2016
"Awesomeness great people!!!"
~Anita Howard
Sleepy Hill 07-15-2016
"I love this place very helpful when I was late and my living situation was rough. Thank you for being so helpful and being considerate when it came to moving my stuff in they gave me extra time when we really needed it. And a plus is the unit we got is climate controlled great price too."
~Celestine B363
Sleepy Hill 07-11-2016
"I picked this facility because it looks brand new because it is so well maintained, as compared to others I checked out. Dave was very informative and friendly during my check in process. Very impressed overall with my visit!"
Sleepy Hill 07-08-2016
"My family rented storages before but this is the best one so far. I was so comfortable with the staff Conny really friendly and she cared for our belongings. She really went out of her way to be patient and serving us. Thank you Conny I will refer this location to everyone. Thanks again"
Sleepy Hill 07-01-2016
"Well maintained, very clean"
Sleepy Hill 07-01-2016
"Sign-up process was smooth and hassle-free. Storage unit is convenient and the entire facility is super clean."
~Stephen Sakowski
Sleepy Hill 06-13-2016
"Connie is awesome, she was busy with other customers when I got there but still acknowledge me and that is something that I really liked. After looking around for other storages I came back to this one just because I loved the way she treats her customers."
Sleepy Hill 06-09-2016
"The staff was very helpful getting me into my storage unit. The unit was clean and was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!"
~Mark Lehman
Sleepy Hill 05-31-2016
"The customer service was outstanding , facilities and grounds are fantastic."
~Eddie Wilcox
Sleepy Hill 05-31-2016
"Good service. Had all I was looking for."
Sleepy Hill 05-26-2016
"I needed a storage for a few months. It was very quick and easy and the team is very nice and if you need help with anything they will be there. Very clean."
Sleepy Hill 05-23-2016
"Very friendly and well maintained"
Sleepy Hill 05-23-2016
"Looking for a storage facility usually takes time shopping around but this was the first place i stopped at and the staff here was welcoming and very helpful. Lets just say there was no more shopping around! Place is clean and reasonable in price so great place so far"
~Seymea thomas
Sleepy Hill 05-19-2016
"registration and help selecting unit was top-notch. Connie went out of her way to assist us. We are v. happy with location and office instructions. unit 812"
~art m
Sleepy Hill 05-16-2016
"Always clean, well maintained, great security and friendly."
~David B233
Sleepy Hill 05-16-2016
"Great service! Connie did an excellent job. Highly recommend that you do your research and you will find this is the place to meet your storage needs. No down side."
Sleepy Hill 05-14-2016
"Always proficient and on top of things. I am a teacher and use their facilities. Great service always."
Sleepy Hill 05-09-2016
"Very helpful staff and nice facility. Seems very secure and very glad I decided to store some extra belongings here. A++"
~Amy Klass
Sleepy Hill 03-29-2016
"The staff is very friendly and the grounds are well kept! It seems safe (the woman next to me has had her unit for 3 years without incident) and it's close to where I live so the location is convenient. The price for an air conditioned unit is very affordable and there are plenty of camera's on the grounds. It has good drainage so I don't believe flooding will ever be an issue and the driveway/parking area loops around so there are multiple exits/entrances to get to your unit. The place has been great so far :)"
~Tyler Hardin
Sleepy Hill 03-19-2016
"Facilities are very clean, staff is very professional and the rates are great!"
~Doug Mitzel
Sleepy Hill 03-08-2016
"This is my first time ever using a storage. I was treated great, my family was treat great, and I am so glad I chose the Sleepy Hill location. Connie and Dave were exceptional, accommodating, and have GREAT customer service skills. I am now Century Storage Family!"
~Lisa B
Sleepy Hill 03-07-2016
"We made arrangements through two different staff members - both were very accommodating, answering all questions in a professional yet personal manner. The facility is very clean - resulting in a high comfort level for its use."
Sleepy Hill 03-02-2016
"Very clean and very friendly staff. They were very helpful and accommodating. Would recommend!"
Sleepy Hill 02-20-2016
"Very well maintained, gated, and friendly staff. The man that helped us was very polite and answered all of our questions regarding the location, staff and units. We are very pleased with our decision."
Sleepy Hill 02-14-2016
"I was needing a storage space and came across century. It was just what I was looking for great prices ,super friendly staff (Connie and Dave) were so helpful. I love my unit e768. I will recommend them to everyone"
Sleepy Hill 01-22-2016
"Great customer service. The staff is friendly and helpful. The place is well maintained and safe."
~Lisa Boone
Sleepy Hill 01-18-2016
"Exceptional service. Connie was so helpful and Dave showing us around. Clean and safe."
~Lisa Boone
Sleepy Hill 11-29-2015
"5 stars"
~Marie-Jane G Lamihaute
Sleepy Hill 11-02-2015
"Connie and Dave were extremely helpful and answered all my questions. This is my first time using a storage facility and was very impressed!"
~Whitney Gibbs
Sleepy Hill 10-20-2015
"Fantastic customer service. Very clean and well secured units. Reasonably priced."
~Marc D. Abbott
Sleepy Hill 10-19-2015
"Connie at Sleepy Hill is amazing. She is professional, nice and really helps with the choices you need to make in using this facility. The property is clean and safe. If I ever need storage again this is the place for me."
Sleepy Hill 10-08-2015
"Exceptional experience with awesome staff. My husband who has always handled this type of business passed away recently so Connie [facility manager] spent time explaining all options. I believe my belongings will be secured safely during this transition period. I will recommend this location to my friends & family."
Sleepy Hill 10-06-2015
"Monica and Dustin were very helpful in addressing the proper unit size for our needs. The units and grounds are very well maintained."
Sleepy Hill 09-22-2015
"Can't say enough good things about Century Storage...from the great customer service that I received to the extremely clean units that I was shown...I appreciated the detailed information on their website and their affordable prices...I viewed several storage facilities and am so pleased with my decision...I will certainly recommend Century Storage to others!"
Sleepy Hill 04-21-2015
"The man that helped us was extremely nice and answered all of our questions."
Sleepy Hill 03-15-2015
"Great staff and place to rent storage!"
Sleepy Hill 02-17-2015
"Staff was very friendly, helpful, and quick to get us all set up so we could start moving stuff to our new unit. Units are very nice and we love the location. I trust that my stuff is safe here :-)"
Sleepy Hill 01-30-2015
"I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a wonderful place for storage. Their prices are very good and the entire property couldn't be any cleaner. The staff is so friendly and accommodating. This location is lovely and quiet and in a good area where I do not worry about the security of my goods. It is also on high ground so I do not fear flooding. I have had to move abroad for work for at least one year and I searched a good bit before I found this location. It is also wonderful to not the discounts that are offered and the ability to pay your bill on-line. Thank you Sleeply Hill!"
~Jeannene M
Sleepy Hill 12-29-2014
"I have been very pleased with the facility and staff. I have multiple units there and they're always clean and safe. Kind and curtious staff always happy to answer my questions, emails, and calls. I truly appreciate that."
Sleepy Hill 11-18-2014
"Great customer service. Tina was awesome to work with, efficient, friendly and very helpful. The unit was clean, the site was clean and I couldn't have felt better about leaving our items in a safer location."
Sleepy Hill 09-12-2014
"The service I receive at Century Storage has been exceptional. The management staff and office personnel are helpful every time I need assistance. The facility is always immaculately clean and well lit. On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience has been an 11 and I would recommend Century Storage to anyone."
~Deranda Evans
Sleepy Hill 09-12-2014
"To Whom It May Concern: The service I receive at Century Storage has been exceptional. The management staff and office personnel are helpful every time I need assistance. The facility is always immaculately clean and well lit. On a scale of 1 to 10, my experience has been an 11 and I would recommend Century Storage to anyone. Sincerely, Deranda Evans"
~Deranda Evans
Sleepy Hill 12-19-2013
"Had a hard time finding a great place to park my RV that wasn't outrageous or just plain dirty. Found it here at a great price that even has it auto deducted from my account so I don't have to worry about it. On site manager checks on site periodically to ease my mind as well. Great big place. I'm telling my northern friends when they come down to come here!"
Sleepy Hill 10-19-2013
"Me and my husband were going thru a divorce and needed a secure place to where I was only person allowed in to my unit. I left feeling overwhelmingly positive about the place and my stuff continues to be in great shape after all this time. Courteous staff who is always there to talk to and make me feel like a person and not a number."
~Mrs. E
Sleepy Hill 09-13-2013
"Dustin and Monica here both helped me and had Smart Move move me in with their company for free. I paid just my rent and the movers did the rest. So exhausting watching other people move my stuff! NOT!!!! Was so thankful for you guys!!!"
Sleepy Hill 01-10-2013
"This place is the place to be in Lakeland! Big friendly clean well lit kind people gated access keypad entry. What else can you need?"
Sleepy Hill 01-17-2012
"People in this office answered everything I could swear they each aced the SAT's!!! Had everything I needed and even my detail oriented husband approves!!!"
Sleepy Hill 07-20-2010
"Very professional. Long hours to get in (7A-9P). Never had a problem. Always nice and courteous."


When you’re looking for storage in the Lakeland area, wouldn’t you prefer to turn to the experts? We at Century Storage are the leaders in self storage. Our Sleepy Hill location is at the corner of Kathleen Road and Sleepy Hill Road, just a mile from Lakeland Square Mall and minutes from I-4. Our location ensures convenient access to your unit in a clean, friendly environment.

We feature a number of different amenities that make your experience with us a pleasant one. Our RV, car, and boat storage is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who feel cramped at home. If you are in need of self storage for particularly sensitive belongings, perhaps you’ll be interested in one of our climate-controlled units.

To top it all off, we have the most professional staff around. Call or stop by our facility today so one of our knowledgeable managers can get you in the perfect storage unit!